It's been a damn long time! Hello ! How are you? So yes, it's been a month ( or two, three... ) since I last checked in. 


 Over the past few weeks, I've really gotten back into my love of fashion and experimenting with different styles, and I've discovered that I've been perticularly drawn to a certain 7 things. 

GINGHAM - There are not many prints that are more of a spring/summer classic than Gingham! It's such a timeless pattern and it always comes into fashion. I have a Gorman top in a black gingham print and it looks so pretty paired with my favourite mom jeans and a pair of Birkenstocks.

MULES - Mules are definitely on the rise in terms of trends, and I can totally see why. I've been eyeing down on this really nice pair of blush mules from Rubi that are not too high and not too flat - a perfect everyday shoe that can be worn down with a denim skirt and top, or warn with a fancier dress for a night out. I have to be honest - at first, my relationship with mules was definitely a love-hate one, but after seeing so many people styling them in their own unique way, I've completely fallen in love. 

MOM JEANS - Can I just say, mom jeans are officially the most comfortable things EVER. Before picking up my first pair of mom jeans at General Pants a few months ago ( These ones to be exact, I highly recommend them ), I'd always been a skinny jeans kinda person. I always steered away from flares, rips, embellishments and cropped denim and to be completely honest, I really don't know why. That's what I love so much about fashion - trying new pieces out and experimenting with personal style. Before you know it, the old clothing piece you practically lived in for half the year will have gone straight back to the cupboard and won't be seeing daylight for another year or two until you finally rip them out again when you hear that they have become the new rage again. 

TIE UP TOPS, JUMPSUITS & DRESSES - Now, I actually had never seen this style before until a few weeks ago when I came across it while scrolling through Pinterest. But look how beautiful it is! I'm so excited to grab a hold of a tie-up top/dress. ( I've heard that Glassons is a great place to seek down styles like this). 

KURT COBAIN SUNGLASSES  - Kurt Cobain's '90s-Style white oval sunglasses are making a massive comeback. Because of the current nostalgia for all things 90's, these throwback shades are suddenly everywhere, including in many shops & all over the internet. The shape of these shades are so simple, but so effortlessly stylish - a perfect way to tie an outfit together. 

CANE BAGS - I'll definitely be channelling my inner Jane Birkin with a cane basket like these this summer! I've always loved natural textures in fashion, so I'm so happy to see that a once unusual material like cane, rattan or bamboo is coming into style. 

CORDUROY - A new pattern/fabric that I've recently been introduced to again - corduroy. I remember when I was 3-4 and my mum always dressed me in patterns such as corduroy. Knowing me just a few years ago, I would have absolutely HATED the material. However, ever since I headed into my local opp shop and spotted numerous pairs of high-waisted corduroy jeans, I've discovered a new love in the fashion scene. 

FAUX FUR COLLARED DENIM JACKETS -  If there's one piece that works any time of year, it's the classic denim jacket - but with a twist. I love how recently I've been seeing little but effective additions to clothing, such as this denim jacket with a faux fur collar. It's now on my never-ending wishlist!  

Time to get real serious up in here. I really want to start to add another personal touch into this blog, and its parcially why I've really, really missed this space - Like really bad. As you know, my heart lies with blogging, photography & writing. These three things are things that I haven't been doing nearly as much as I would like to. Starting from now, I'm really going to try and put plenty of time aside for my creative hobbies, whether that is blogging, photography, drawing, designing - you name it. To try and get a schedule going, I have decided that posting once a week ( Preferably every Sunday ) would work out really well. That way, I'm going to have my weekly dose of creative time & your going to have a pretty good 5 or so minutes reading and looking at some eye candy. My fingers are crossed ! 

G x 


I'm a huge believer that local brands are the best ones, especially handmade.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across a jewellery & clothing brand called Droplet, found and made my the lovely Hortense, in Wellington, NZ and I absolutely fell in l o v e.  Hortense sells beautiful earrings that she makes handmade from recycled leather scraps in her studio, and then put's up on her website / shop to sell. She was kind enough to send me a few of her lovely tassel earrings to show & style for you all. 


A big big thanks to Hortense for being so super lovely and making this post come to reality, keep doing what your doing gal ! If your desperately in love like I am and are in need of a pair of these earrings, make sure you head over to

Greta x