Reviewing my most recent roll of 35mm film

Oh hey ! I'm back ! 

Life has been good and EXTREMELY busy in the last couple of months. I've just started back at school for another hectic semester, and have just started my new subjects (Vis-com & Photography to name a few!). They all feel so right and have me so excited for what I will be able to learn and the experiences I will be able to get out of them. I've been spending too much money on cafe food and too much time sleeping in and enjoying my new ROOM. Yes ! You heard that correctly ! After 6 long years with a dark purple wall, I finally painted all my walls white, got some all new brand spanking furniture, and I splurged on a unbelievably beautiful blush pink linen bed cover. Good times for sure ! 

Anyway, let's get into what today's post is all about ... 

Back in March, I was generously given a Minolta SRT 101 film camera from my Grandpa to play around with. Before then, I surprisingly had never shot on film (other than on my refurbished Polaroid Camera) which is absolutely CRAZY thinking back at it now as shooting on film has quickly become one of my favourite ways to photograph my life and the things around me. 

After shooting for a total of 4 months, I recently got around to developing my first roll. I was absolutely terrified as to how the photos would turn out, but to my surprise, they weren't even  T H A T  bad. I know, what a miracle. 

And these are the results ! Being my first roll ever, I am actually quite happy with it. Obviously, not all the photos that I took worked out in my favour, and making sure that I had set the correct exposure and aperture deemed a little difficult at times. This is probably down to the fact that the camera is 30+ years old, doesn't have a working light metre and my lack of experience with this medium. 

Anyway, here are 12 out of the 36 photos from the roll - I would show you more but a few are of family and others simply didn't work out.  Some are blurry, and some have pretty wacky lighting, but I really do love that about film photography - even the photos that don't have what most would consider as "good" lighting, usually end up having the most character, and end up being my favourite photos. 


*All photos were shot on a Minolta SRT 101, with AGFA VISTA 400 film


1. One of my favourite walls in Melbourne -  Spring St, Fitzroy 

2. Morning Eggs & Almond Chai at Alimentari, Fitzroy 

3. A damn cute car - not much else to say ! 


4. Photo of myself in the bathroom mirror on a family holiday back in April 

5. The first photo I ever took on film! I absolutley love how the afternoon light is shining on the bright green leaves of that vine - so magical

6. The fire at 12am - on a family holiday back in April 


7. The afternoon sunlight dimming down amongst the autumn tree's in Melbourne's CBD

8. From above - at Melbourne Central 

9. My favourite wall again - Spring st, Fitzroy 


10. The beautiful little cottage that our family stayed at on a holiday -  Taradale House Estate

11. Footscray Railway Station - Platform 4

12. pretty beautiful autumn colours 

So there you go ! I can't wait to shoot more on film, continue to learn more about how I can improve my skills, and take even better photos in the future to come. 

I hope this has inspired you all to branch out from taking photos on digital cameras and to have a crack at film photography, or even rekindle your passion for it. Also, let me know if you all like this type of photography content because I would love to make sharing my film photos and various experiences with this medium more common on my blog. 


Till next time, 

G x