JUNE TUNES + Update 01

Brrrr. It's cold.

OK so I have to say something first : I'm really sorry for all the times I've said " I'm gonna post but then I don't " thing. School is finally out for 2 weeks, and i'm more excited about life and the things it will bring in the coming month. I just gotta say, it's truthfully hard to juggle blogging and school, and on top of taking photos for my Instagram AND being able to just shut down and relax once and a while. Anyway, I wanted to say that I am trying to keep this blog alive and consistently putting up interesting content for you all.

So as you all know, it's now HOLIDAYS! YAY!  I'm probably gonna spend most of my time eating huge amounts of food, spending wayyy to much money on stuff I really don't need, baking sweet treats in the kitchen, bike riding around melbourne in search of the best cafe's and food, listening to good music, having a 3 day visit with my good friend I really cannot see enough, and not doing a single piece of dreaded homework ( why is holiday homework even a thing?) . 

I just love how in the holidays you can do absolutely ANYTHING you want and pretty much all the plans you make are spontaneously made at the randomest of times. It's just the best feeling to have when you wake up really late in the morning, panicking and freaking out that you are super duper late for school and that your teachers are gonna kill the hell out of you, then realizing that it's holidays and that you don't need to do a damn thing with your life. 

My family and I are also heading up to Apollo bay these holidays for a road trip which i'm super exited about. It's so nice to get out of the city and soak up the fresh, crisp air. The house we are staying at is smack down in the middle of the beach so expect some pretty awesome beach pics on my Instagram, despite that it's gonna probably be even colder up there than in Melbourne currently. Gosh the things people do for Instagram these days.... 

Anyway enough from me. I hope you enjoy this lil playlist I've made with some of my fave jams to get me out of the winter blues. Enjoy xx

Also, I gotta add, if you love music as much as me, go follow my spotify at "sylviaandme ". Yep, I made my username at the age of 11 and I can't work out how to change it.  Feel free to cringe at the name as much as you want. 

much love,