Hiya again,

as some of you might of already known, recently my wonderful friend April @everythingaprilblog came to stay at my house for the weekend! We got up to some pretty awesome things like going to markets, getting fro-yo, going to a sushi boat restaurant, shopping, putting on some pretty wacky face masks , grabbing an acai bowl for breakfast and taking WAY too many photos. While she was with me, and after a few Skype calls and lots of planing, we decided to do a photoshoot!

Here it is, and I hope you enjoy the photos! thanks again to April for being such an amazing photographer. And look how pretty this wall is?!

April and I decided to make a video about this photoshoot + our weekend! Well done to April for filming an editing these amazing video's too.

hope you enjoyed this, it was SO much fun to do and thank-you so much April for coming over to mine!

XO Greta