DIY- Honey citrus sugar scrub

hey hey hey my wonderful friends!

As it's now autumn, this time of year is always somehow the worst on my skin. It seems no amount of moisturizer can keep my dry skin away and for a long time I haven't found a way to stop it. Thankfully, I was scrolling through Pinterest one night and found a holy grail solution that I've come to love : A honey citrus sugar scrub!

All it takes is just four ingredients, and it's perfect for those pesky rashes and skin irritations I know we all get from all the dirt and yuck stuff that mysteriously gets collected and pop's up on our face throughout the day. And you know why this scrub is the best ever, it's all super natural and perfect for sensitive skin ; just make sure you don't scrub too hard though! 

+ Ingredients:
1/2 cup raw sugar
2 tsp raw honey ( normal honey will do just fine ) 
1/4 cup coconut oil ( or olive oil if you like)
2 tsp fresh citrus zest ( I used the zest of a lemon, but a orange, lime or grapefruit would be perfect also)

a squeeze of lemon juice - optional, but perfect if you want some more lemon scent in your scrub. 

 + Directions:

First mix together the honey and coconut oil, then stir the mixture into 1 cup of raw sugar. After that, add the citrus zest from the chosen citrus fruit of your choice. You can add a little more oil, depending on how the mixture looks and how liquid based you want it to be. If it's two runny, add some more sugar, and if too dry, add a little more oil. 

Once you are done, store in an air-tight container / jar. The shelf life is between 1-2 weeks, but just make sure every time you use it to close the jar tightly and store in a safe place. 

To store my scrub, I put it in a $2 chalkboard jar and decorated it with pink polka dots! 

Aaaand there you go! A perfect simple scrub for those times you wanna feel extra fresh or even perfect for a pamper night. This DIY makes a great gift, too. Just put it in a decorated jar, add a label and/or some ribbon, and you have a quick, cheap & easy present for your family + friends.


xo Greta