a few inspiring videos you really should watch

Today I thought I would share a few videos that have majorly inspiring me lately. Seeing that school is now finally over for the year, means I've been spending a lot more time on my computer, and i've been doing just that. 

BODY PARTY : TEEN VOGUE  -  I stumbled across this video from 'TEEN VOGUE" a few weeks ago, and I immediately clicked because Barbie Ferreira , AKA one of the coolest people ever was on the cover. Even better, once the video started it featured a bunch of other super inspiring plus size models as they discussed the importance of self love and not getting caught up in body image. 

LACK : KRIST SOUP - This video is pure gold, and the overall style of the video is so gorgeous. Just watch ! 

NEUTRALS LOOK BOOK : TO THE 9'S - Look books are one of my favourite types of videos to watch on Youtube, and this " Neutrals look book" from my favourite fashion channel, To the 9's , is so well done. The outfits are so my style at the moment and the video is shot in such unique angles. Not to mention how beautiful the outfits and colour choices are ! Definitely up there with one of my favourite Look books ever


I love absolutely everything about this video, especially the cinematography. I've been a fan of Fun For Louis for a long time and quite frequently watch his daily vlogs, so I was super excited and intrigued about this video when I saw it pop up into my subscription box. This video was shot in the beautiful Montana, a state in the US that is famous for their rocky plains and beautiful scenery. This video really makes me want to travel there! And how pretty is that combi too !! 


Also. It's exactly 6 days till christmas. Where has the year gone?  I'm sure there will be a lot of last minute shopping and wrapping presents, baking cookies and playing christmas music this week. I also have a super exciting fashion post coming your way ( hopefully before the new year, but i'm gonna save myself and say it might be up a few days after ) , I'll update you all as soon as it comes out ! 

Hope you all have a great christmas this year too. 

with love ,

G x