it's beginning to look alot like christmas

hello everyone - long time no talk ! Lot's has been happening since last time I posted here.

So, christmas is less than 1 month away and I thought that this would be a perfect time to share with you my christmas wish-list. Now, i'm not expecting to get all of these gifts , but I thought it would be helpful also to the people that don't really know what they want and need some ideas ! 

1 // DSLR CAMERA - i've had my eye on the Nikon D5500 for a while now, as well as some other cannon DSLRS ( specifically the EOS 1200d ). At the moment I usually borrow my family friends DSLR camera but would love one of my own. I would also love to start making videos and taking better quality photos, and I think having my own DSLR would really help me to do that. 

2 // BLACK ARIZONA BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS - I've lived in Birkenstock sandals ever since I got my first pair when I was about 5. They are such comfortable shoes, but my old pair are way to small for me now, so I think its about time to get a new pair. I love these black ones as they are super simple and can go with every outfit. Perfect for summer coming up too ! 

3 // AESOP  RESURRECTION AROMATIQUE HAND BALM - this hand cream from one of my all time skincare brands, Aesop, has been on my wish-list for a very long time. I have the green one although i'm not the biggest fan of the scent ( quite a masculine scent, got it mainly for the looks, which was a very bad idea now thinking about it. I hardly use it too !! ). I tried the pink resurrection aromatique hand balm in the Aesop store in Melbourne a few weeks ago and could not stop saying to my friend how much I love the scent, feel and of course the look of the minimalistic packaging. 

4 // ROSE GOLD + BLACK MIMCO PURSE - i've been in need for a new purse for a while now, and I absolutely LOVE this one from Mimco. Perfect for going out as I can fit my phone, cards and money in the one. 

5 //  IKEA OFELIA WHITE THROW BLANKET - This super soft, fluffy blanket would look perfect on my bed. Super simple and goes with all decor around the year without it clashing with art prints and bed covers. I looked at this blanket at Ikea when I was last there, and now I really wished I bought it. 

6 // GORMAN GIFTCARD - Gorman. My favourite shop in the whole entire world. Expensive, but in my opinion, SO TOTALLY WORTH EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR. I especially need a Gorman raincoat, so if i am really lucky this christmas, I would love to get one. 

7// H&M GREY LINEN BED COVER - I love this bed cover so much !! Getting a linen bed cover has been up on the top things I want to do, but I haven't gotten around to it. I've latley started to make my room look minimalistic, and I think this bed cover would make all the difference. 

And yes, i've realised that i've been a bit absent from blogging for the past month or so.  I've been so caught up in studying and working on other school things rather than taking photos and writing here like I wish I had been. i've really, really missed it. I've updated the look of the blog a bit to get me a little more excited about getting back into it again. I've also added a bit more info on my "about " page and added an archive page for easy reading !


love to you all, 

xo greta