Polaroid I took with Dad in the sunroom of our house
The room I stayed in & the main living room


Also, here is a list of some things also going on right now. 

  • I cut my hair ! After many months of trying to decide, I finally got the courage to go to the hairdressers and get bangs! So far it's been an interesting experience; washing my hair every 2-3 days, buying a load of other brushes, clips and shampoo's, and most importantly trying to fit in an extra 5 minutes of my day ( I swear i'm always tight on time ) to dry them side to side, but I totally don't regret it at all. 

  • I Finally bought a Gorman raincoat , this one to be exact. I love it way way way too much. 

  • Something a bit different - for some reason i've started to get into headscarfs ! I found one a few weeks ago at the opp shop for $1 with the most perfect combination of peachy pink, mustard, and a black grid pattern. I've been experimenting tying them around my head like a headband and i'm majorly crushing on Edith Rewa's headscarf prints (Full of native flora & fauna goodness btw. This one is on my wishlist as of now ) and how she styles them.  

  • And besides going to lots of places these holidays, I've mainly been glued to my laptop in my bed watching 13 Reasons Why. I just finished the series, and i'm heartbroken but I don't want to spoil it for all of you, so go watch it !! 

Greta x 

Recently I went on a trip to Yambuk (close to port fairy), a town in Victoria, about 3- 4 hours away from central Melbourne, and stayed at a place called the Lakeview house; and old farm house located just off Yambuk lake, and a short 10 minute walk to the beach. It was decorated in vintage memorabilia, hanging lights, weirdly shaped mirrors and loads of comfy furniture and the best part, had tones of enamelware to use in the kitchen !! 

Most of the trip we were either on beach or forest walks, reading and relaxing at the house, cooking in the kitchen (made a delicious apple & rhubarb pie) or checking out the local op shops, and it was just so perfect. We spent 1 week staying in the house and made a whole load of memories that I can't wait to share. 

- Here are some photos ; 

Beach at Cape Bridgewater - So beautiful
Found this Polaroid Sun600 at the local antique store in Yamuk for only $10 !! 
Thought I might as well add my Spotify playlist for the trip - some great songs to listen to ! 


I'm a huge believer that local brands are the best ones, especially handmade.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across a jewellery & clothing brand called Droplet, found and made my the lovely Hortense, in Wellington, NZ and I absolutely fell in l o v e.  Hortense sells beautiful earrings that she makes handmade from recycled leather scraps in her studio, and then put's up on her website / shop to sell. She was kind enough to send me a few of her lovely tassel earrings to show & style for you all. 


A big big thanks to Hortense for being so super lovely and making this post come to reality, keep doing what your doing gal ! If your desperately in love like I am and are in need of a pair of these earrings, make sure you head over to

Greta x 


I honestly can't believe that the first month of 2017 is nearly already over ! It seems like everyday this January has been flying past and there's always something to do and places to go. The past few weeks i've been on holidays so there has been a lot going on, not to mention how much sh*t I have to get organised before school comes around again for another long, gruelling school year. Definitely not looking forward to that. 

Anyway, today I thought I would share some of my current favourite skincare products, as lots of you have been asking though email and DM and wanting some recommendations. I'm a complete skincare junkie, and love everything about it. I've struggled with bad skin my whole life ( and skill do, but currently battling it with the help of a dermatologist ) and I'm always seeking new products and brands to try since i'm so eager to clean it up. Among these picks are some of the products that have really been doing wonders for my skin lately, which is surprising since I know that skincare as a teen can be tricky and since it's taken about 7 years to really see a huge difference. Anyway, lets get into it shall we? 


AESOP hand cream // This hand cream ( Reverence aromatique ) as well as my new favourite "resurrection aromatique" ( pink hand cream ) has been up there with one of my favourite skincare products for a while now. I love how aesop's hand creams are non greasy and light on the hands, but still leave them feeling hydrated and smooth. Not to mention their gorgeous packaging, I really can't rave over the quality and how much I love this brand enough ! Yet, it is more on the pricey side, but still so worth it in my opinion. This hand cream is a very herbal scent ( a bit masculine in my opinion ) , so if your thinking of buying yourself a hand cream from aesop, I recommend the pink one ( resurrection aromatique ) . 

LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub // I've have had this for a while now, but its still up there with my favourites. It's got a sweet bubblegum scent full of fine castor sugar and organic jojoba oil that gently exfoliates and moisturises lips, leaving them soft and healthy.  Wack on some paw paw afterwards and trust me, your lips would have never felt and looked better! 

LUSH rub rub rub shower scrub //  I recently picked this up from the lush in Melbourne Central when I got introduced to it by a lovely staff member in the shop. It's halfway between a shower gel & a scrub with fine sea salt that gently exfoliates the skin while fresh lemon juice and lemon oil help to brighten skin to give back it's natural glow. You could say i'm definitely addicted. 

MARIO BADESCU facial spray // this facial spray is everything. Mario Badescu has quickly becoming very popular and I can see why. It incorporates a delicate mixture of rosewater, aloe and herbs that is perfect for hydrating the skin in summer or a perfect afternoon pick - me up. Smells heavenly too which is a big bonus if you ask me. 

LUSH intergalactic bath bomb // When most people think of Lush, they think bath bombs ! One of my all time favourites is Intergalactic ; a refreshing mix of peppermint that leaves the bath smelling amazing and looking amazing with all the neon colours it puts on show. Definitely worth a try!


So there you go, definitely try some of these products if you get the chance. In other news, Instagram live finally came to Instagram this week, so i'll certainly be doing some live videos over there on my Instagram @thegretaedit if you are interested ! I've also got lots planned for this space all coming out between now and the next couple of months including things to do with plants and fashion styling. Hooray for new stuff! 

greta x