Hello Greta X Kathleen Benham


A few months back while at a local market in my hometown, I stumbled across this jewellery stall that I fell in love with. Polymer clay necklaces and earrings have been a big craze for the past year or so, and I can see why. After buying one for myself, I found myself wearing it a ton so I thought that rather than just quickly sharing a glimpse of it, I would write a whole post about it. 

I quickly contacted the beautiful Kathleen, behind her gorgeous brand " Kathleen Benham"  to see if I could collaborate with her to bring you this fashion post, and from there I've been wearing her necklaces pretty much non-stop. 

Enjoy xx


Greta wears:

Top - Sportsgirl

Pants - Free by Cotton on

Necklace + Earrings - Kathleen Benham            

Shoes - Adidas

Big thanks to Kathleen for making this blog post possible and for April for helping me take these photos and being such a good photographer. 

If you are absolutely in love with Kathleen's jewellery like I am and desperately in need of one of her necklaces /earrings for yourself, be sure to check out her shop here

- G xx 


Hiya again,

as some of you might of already known, recently my wonderful friend April @everythingaprilblog came to stay at my house for the weekend! We got up to some pretty awesome things like going to markets, getting fro-yo, going to a sushi boat restaurant, shopping, putting on some pretty wacky face masks , grabbing an acai bowl for breakfast and taking WAY too many photos. While she was with me, and after a few Skype calls and lots of planing, we decided to do a photoshoot!

Here it is, and I hope you enjoy the photos! thanks again to April for being such an amazing photographer. And look how pretty this wall is?!

April and I decided to make a video about this photoshoot + our weekend! Well done to April for filming an editing these amazing video's too.

hope you enjoyed this, it was SO much fun to do and thank-you so much April for coming over to mine!

XO Greta